Our three core capabilities to create the best possible guidewires meeting the true needs of physicians and patients.

Functional Excellence

Functionalities of FMD products are developed with the feedback from both Japanese physicians and physicians around the world.

Manufacturing Excellence

FMD endeavors to manufacture any product required by our customers.

Design Excellence:

FMD's product designs are based on many years of experience, leveraging the newest  available technologies.

Why We're Different

What is the Foundation of FMD Capabilities?

  • Unparalleled experience and knowledge cultivated during the course of guidewire history
  • Deep understanding & sensitivity of diversified needs
  • Quick and specific needs-responsiveness
  • Full realization of concepts
  • Highly skilled master craftsmen
  • Earliest possible prototyping & launch of new products
  • Innovative, thoroughly tested, and clinically proven proprietary coating technology

Guidewires enable and enhance
catheter-based diagnosis and treatment in a wide range of clinical applications.

FMD enables and enhances further guidewire development and product-specific advantages for a wide range of clinical applications.

Tell Us What You Need

Tell us about your concerns, objectives for improvement and change, issues or desires.
We will listen, understand and work with you to create and provide guidewires exactly right for you.

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